Lithium electric vehicle charger - fast charger should be used less

For people's convenience, fast chargers exist in large and small streets, but the use of fast chargers facilitates people's travel, so that people don't have to worry about the advertisement of so and so electric vehicles "flying without electricity". However, the use of fast charger is not unanimously praised. Today, the charger of lithium electric vehicle shares the reasons for less use of electrical appliances in the rapid development:

In many electric vehicle maintenance departments or newspaper and magazine kiosks in the urban area, there will be such electric vehicle fast charging stations. Many electric vehicles come to charge every day. Of course, many citizens want to be convenient, easy and fast.

The Department of industry and commerce also said that the fast charger is still a new thing. At present, there are no relevant quality identification standards and lack of relevant management. Once there are problems in citizens' electric vehicles after fast charging, their legal responsibilities will not be recognized, and their rights and interests will be difficult to be protected. Each electric vehicle has the charging time specified by the manufacturer, and the product operation manual shall be followed as far as possible. Fast charging can only be used for emergency, but it is better to charge normally.

Therefore, it is better to use less fast chargers. For the emerging lithium electric vehicle chargers, they not only save energy, but also are more popular and lighte