Lithium battery chargers share the advantages of automotive batteries

Lithium battery chargers share the advantages of automotive batteries:

In our life, we should pay attention to the characteristics of both charger and battery, and only by understanding the battery and charger can we make the battery last longer. Today, lithium battery chargers should follow the jumper sequence when sharing battery clips, which can slow down the aging process of battery clips. Let's take a look at the characteristics of lithium battery charger:

1. Connect the red clip on the cable to the mounting point of the dead battery and the terminal of the positive battery display.

2. Next, there is a red battery clamp on the cable line. Connect this clamp to the positive terminal of the good battery.

3. Then we see a black battery clip on the cable, which is marked with the negative pole. Just connect it to the negative pole of the battery.

4. In addition to the black clip of the negative electrode, there is a black clip that should be connected to the engine housing or car body.

5. When starting the battery, open the good battery first, and then open the bad battery.

6. Unloading the cable is just the opposite of the installation steps. It is easy to do it in sequence.

7. In practice, the voltage of the two vehicles must be the same before the above steps can be carried out.

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